Money Transfer

You can now transfer money within App and to phone number

You can easily transfer/ sent your money to anyone at more than 10,000 TrueMoney agents nationwide or via TrueMoney Wallet

TrueMoney Agent:

  1. Go to the nearest TrueMoney Agent
  2. Tell the TrueMoney Agent you want to transfer money
  3. Write down the sender’s phone number, recipient’s phone number, and the amount you want to transfer.


TrueMoney Wallet:

  • Transfer to TrueMoney Wallet user or Non-user
  1. Open your TrueMoney Wallet
  2. Click on “Transfer” and “Transfer Using Phone Number”
  3. Write down the receiver’s phone number, amount and click “Continues”
  4. Check “Confirm Payment” and click on “Transfer”
  5. Enter your PIN ( 4 digits)
  • Transfer to Bank Account
  1. Open your TrueMoney Wallet
  2. Click on “Transfer” and “Transfer to Bank Account”
  3. Choose a bank account that you want to transfer
  4. Write back the account number and click on “Continue”
  5. Check on transfer detail ( Name and Bank Account Number), write the amount, and click on “Continues”
  6. Check “Confirm Payment” and click on “Transfer”
  7. Enter your PIN ( 4 digits)

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