1. Meanings of Words

In these Terms and Conditions:

“TRUEMONEY”, “We” and “Us” means TRUEMONEY Company.

“TRUEMONEY Agent” means a retailer, shop, or any other person appointed by TRUEMONEY under agreement to faciUtate/serve the TRUEMONEY’s products and services to Truemoney’s customers based on service fee that provide by TRUEMONEY.

“Non-True Customer” refers to the customer who use remittance service from TRUEMONEY without having TRUEMONEY Account with TRUEMONEY.

“Security Code” means the confidential code that you need to tell to TRUEMONEY Agent for performing cash out from TRUEMONEY Agent.

“Sender” means a person who wishes/wants to send the money via using TRUEMONEY Agent Channel to the person that they want to send.

“Receiver” means a person that receive the money from the Sender via using TRUEMONEY Agent Channel. “Receiver Phone Number” means the phone number and mobile phone that Receiver needs to bring

along when the Receiver wants to cash out from TRUEMONEY agent.

“Yout’ and “Your” means the TRUEMONEY customers who use TRUEMONEY’s products and services.

“Service Level Agreement (SLA)” means a period of time.

“First SLA” means a period of 14 days counting from the date of remittance transaction.

“Second SLA” means a period of 134 days counting from the date of remittance transaction.

“Non-True Cash Out Remittance” means the remittance transaction that was not been cash out over the second SLA.

“Remittance” means local and international money transfer.

2. What is TRUEMONEY Agent Payment Gateway?

TRUEMONEY Agent Payment Gateway refers to PUS Terminal Machine and TRUEMONEY Agent App that enable all products and services offered by TRUEMONEY to proceed the transaction pass through based on the user request. Via this payment channel, it will allow you to be able to carry out TRUEMONEY’s products and services such as: remittance, cash in, cash out, bill payment, mobile phone top up, remittance, account balance enquiries, and other TRUEMONEY’s new products and services that might be updated from time to time.

3. How do these Terms and Conditions apply?

These Terms and Conditions will be used to govern the operation of the TRUEMONEY’s remittance service. It is important for you to read and understand these Terms and Conditions. Please contact TRUEMONEY Care Center if you do not understand, or are unsure about any aspect of these Terms and Conditions. Our Care Center Contact Number: 023 999 639.

4. When do these Terms and Conditions take effect?

When you firstly use TRUEMONEY’s products and services, you will be required to accept these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions will represent the official acknowledgment and consent from you.

5. Authority

You acknowledged and agreed that the using of the TRUEMONEY’s Products and Services as the case may be depending on the transaction in question provides sufficient authority for us to process your transactions. We may act on this authority and will not be liable for any Loss suffered by you resulting from us acting on this authority and we are not required to make further enquiries.

6. Operation and Details of the TRUEMONEY’s remittance service via TrueMoney Agent Channel

6.1 Remittance

You can do remittance to both registered TRUEMONEY customer account and non-registered TRUEMONEY customer account by having only sender phone number, receiver phone number, and amount that you wish to remit. By having these information, TRUEMONEY Agent will be able to proceed the remittance transaction via using TRUEMONEY Payment Channel (POS terminal machine).

6.2 Cash Out Via Security Code (SC code)

When you get the SC code from the Sender, then based on this SC code, you can go to any TRUEMONEY agent nearby you or your place to cash out by follow the below procedure:

  • TRUEMONEY Agent will ask you to write down the cash out amount and SC code in one note;
  • You need to bring along the mobile phone with the phone number which is the same as the phone number provided by the Sender;
  • TRUEMONEY Agent needs to verify your information with the information shown in the system to make sure those information is matched;
  • TRUEMONEY Agent needs to verify the phone that brought by you to make sure that the phone number in the mobile phone is the same with phone number that sender wrote down in the note.

7. Processing Instructions

All transactions will be automatically performed and proceeded in order through TRUEMONEY’s system. Any transaction proceed by TRUEMONEY Agent through the TRUEMONEY Agent Payment Gateway (POS Machine and Agent App) cannot be cancelled, altered or changed by you, however, agent can cancel the transaction within 10 minutes if the Agent found the mistake happened after performed transactions in order to prevent any loss or damage to your benefit. Generally, all value transactions made via the TRUEMONEY Payment channel done by TRUEMONEY Agent will be processed in real time, and will be issued with a receipt or SMS notification to you. You have to responsible for retaining this transaction receipt and SMS notification for future reference.

8. Fees and Charges

TRUEMONEY Agent may charge fee from you as the facilitated fee when you ask him/her to perform any services that available in TRUEMONEY Payment Channel. The fee charge will be based on the fee structure which was set by TRUEMONEY as defined in Annex 1 attached hereto or you can find such fees and charges at TRUEMONEY Agent Outlets/shops. These fees and charges may include government taxes. You agreed to pay these fees and charges.

9. Remittance SLA Setting

In order to provide the good facilitation to you and also to have a good management on TRUEMONEY’s remittance service, TRUEMONEY has set 2 levels of SLA. These 2 levels of SLA will provide you a suitable long period in performing cash out from your security codes by following the below terms:

  1. First SLA has period of 14 days counting from the date of remittance transaction. You could cash out from any TrueMoney’s agent nationwide.
  2. Second SLA has period of 134 days counting from the date of remittance transaction. You could contact TrueMoney’s care center contact number: 023 999 639.

Example: you perform remittance transaction on 01 Jan 2019, so you have 2 levels of SLA to perform cash out as below details:

  1. The first SLA will available till 14 Jan 2019, and
  2. If you have failed to cash out from the first SLA, you still have a chance to cash out during the second SLA that will be available till 14 May 2019.

10. Non-True Cash Out Remittance

Reference to the article 9 above, what if you have failed to cash out and the time was over the second SLA?

In this case, TRUEMONEY will start to charge you for non-true cash out remittance as the monthly maintenance fee. The charging fee is $2 per month for one security code of non-true cash out remittance. The period charging will start counting from the first day after the second SLA was over. Based on the example mentioned in article 9 above, TRUEMONEY will start to count from 15 May 2019 as the first day of charging. To use TRUEMONEY’s remittance service, you have to agree to pay this monthly maintenance fee.

11. Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions

You agreed that TRUEMONEY may delay, block or refuse to process any transaction without incurring any liability if TRUEMONEY suspects that:

  1. the transaction may breach or contrast with any regulation and/or law in Cambodia or any other countries; or
  2. the transaction may directly or indirectly involve the proceeds of, or be applied for the purposes of, unlawful conduct.

You agreed to provide all information to TRUEMONEY which TRUEMONEY reasonably requires in order to manage money-laundering or terrorism financing risk or to comply with any laws in Cambodia or any other countries and you agreed that TRUEMONEY may disclose any information concerning you and your transactions to regulatory agency or court where required by any such law, in Cambodia or elsewhere.

You declare and undertake to TRUEMONEY that the acceptance and/or payment of money by TRUEMONEY in accordance with your instructions will not breach any laws in Cambodia or any other countries.

12. Security
12.1 Suspension and/or Cancellation of Transaction
The suspension and/or cancellation of the transaction might be happened when:

  1. TRUEMONEY suspects you of being fraudulent or engaging in inappropriate behaviour;
  2. TRUEMONEY’s systems or equipment malfunctions or are otherwise unavailable for use; or
  3. TRUEMONEY is required to do so by law.

12.2 Security Code Number

In order to ensure your safety, the security code number is automatically and randomly generated from the system anonymously, then this security code is passed through the system to POS terminal machine or Agent App of TRUEMONEY Agent before passing this security code to you. You must keep this security code secretly and confidentially. You will be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from your failure to follow this instruction or from your carelessness to let others known your security code.

13. Liability

You are liable for all transactions conducted when you utilise the TRUEMONEY’s Products and Services, except where there has been fraud or negligence by TRUEMONEY, its employees, or agents or any mobile network operators which have cooperated with TRUEMONEY.

14. Discrepancies IErrors, Questions and Complaints

Please contact TRUEMONEY’s Care Center (023 999 639) if you believe that a discrepancy or error has occurred in any transaction, or if you have any questions or complaints.

To assist with TRUEMONEY’s investigations, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. your name;
  2. details of the transaction in question; and
  3. the amount of the suspected error or disputed transaction.

TRUEMONEY will not be responsible for any Loss suffered by you if you do not request TRUEMONEY to dispute the transaction within 30 days.

15. Notices and Changes to Fees and Charges and Terms and Conditions

TRUEMONEY shall have the rights to change these Terms and Conditions, and Fees and Charges at any time based on the business requirement. TRUEMONEY might notice you by:

  1. displaying on TRUEMONEY’s website at www.truemoney.com.kh or by advertisement online and offline media, and any other public networks; or
  2. at TrueMoney Agent Shops/Outlets

TRUEMONEY may also use the methods outlined above as a means of providing you notices.

16. Disruption to Service

You agreed that TRUEMONEY will not be liable for any Loss suffered by you where the service is temporarily unavailable or where a system or equipment fails to function in a normal or satisfactory manner, regardless of how this may have been caused.

17. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Cambodia.